Revolutionize construction using a new standard;
cold formed steel.
MAGEST since 1990

The Magest history is one that spans over 25 years in the construction industry. We specialize in project management, the use of cold formed steel, offsite manufacturing and we offer the highest quality products and services.


Structural cold formed steel wall panels provide mid-rise projects with a cost-effective solution for their structure. Through Magest's experience, we can afford owners the ability to entrust their project's structure to our team for a quick and economical installation time using our cold formed steel wall panels and a variety of floor solutions.

" Our builder-first mentality provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that we understand their business and we offer the highest quality products and services."

-Brock Martin, President

Victoria Commons
Victoria Commons

Apartments Kitchener, ON

Brookhouse Gate
Brookhouse Gate

Condominium Newcastle, ON

Oxford Haus
Oxford Haus

Apartments Stratford, ON


Complete Building Structure

Through Magest's 30+ years of experience in the construction industry, our previous life as a general contractor gives us the unique ability to manage our customer's projects structural needs.

MBSL can manufacture both load bearing and non-load bearing cold formed steel wall panels uniquely designed to each projects specifications. Our experienced staff can work through the most complex of designs to achieve economical and practical framing solutions, paired with our on-site experience in the construction industry.

As part of Magest's service to our clients, we can either manufacture a cold formed steel flow option, or provide a myriad of other floor systems through our industry partners to create an efficient and economical solution for our clients. Utilizing Hollowcore Concrete, Bar-Joist Floor Systems, Cold Formed Steel Truss Systems and Cold Formed Steel Deck are all within MBSL's comfort and ability to execute for our clients. 

MBSL can supply multiple roof system types ranging from a continuation of the floor on a project. For example, Hollowcore, Bar-Joist, Steel Deck with Concrete, OR Magest can manufacture, supply and install steel roof trusses in either a flat configuration or pitched to match a project's design.