Magest has perfected the marriage of Cold formed steel wall panels with hollowcore concrete floor planks. Utilizing hollowcore concrete floor planks can significantly increase a projects schedule, and with Magest's experience coordination can eliminate headaches of multiple points of contact with multiple trades. Magest will manage the shop drawing approval to installation of both its CFS wall panels and hollowcore concrete plank subcontractors. Please read below for technical features of Hollowcore Concrete Floors

Hollowcore concrete floors enjoy wide use in all types of residential structures; particularly mid-rise standard layout construction such as hotels, student residences, apartment buildings, and condominium buildings.

Hollowcore planks inherently come from the factory with a 2 hour fire rating and STC rating of 55. A Gypcrete topping can be applied on-site once the building is thermal and water tight for a perfectly flat floor for installing finished.

The most common floor and roof elements employed are 205mm (8 inches) deep for spans up to 9m (30 feet) deep hollowcore units.


Magest can design, engineer, roll form and fabricate cold formed steel floor trusses in a wide variety of depths and spacings to suit a project's needs. Utilizing our in-house roll forming, Magest can manufacture its cold formed steel trusses to also maximize efficiency and economy. Using different profiles of cold formed steel, truss spacing can either be 2’-0” o.c. or 4’-0” o.c with a low profile deck and lightweight concrete topping.

Cold formed steel floor trusses allow for reduced bulkheads in suites and a significantly lightened floor load, perfect for use in buildings where site class conditions are poor. Adequate Fire Ratings can be achieved utilized approved assemblies.


Magest offers the service of a bar joist floor system through our subcontractor partners. We will manage the process of procurement, design, and installation of the bar joist along with our cold formed steel wall panels. 

Bar joist allows for reduced bulk heads in suites, with a lightened floor deadload while also providing an adequate fire rating and STC rating through an assembly approach.


Another floor option for mid-rise buildings is metal deck (Comslab, Epicore, Dovetail)/

Depending on span, all of the deck options may require shoring at intermediate dimensions, however, this floor system provides a true poured in place concrete feel.

Metal pan floor systems allow for a low height cross section structure allowing for reduced building heights where restrictions may apply.