Flat Roof Trusses

Magest manufactures flat roof trusses utilizing our rollforming operations to create c-stud and tracks as top/bottom chord members as well as the Web Members. With our roll forming capabilities of making 12ga material, we can achieve long clear spans by increasing the size of the members. Similarly, we can manufacture an extremely economical truss section by optimizing the member sizes and gauges by utlizing the flexibilty of our roll forming operations.

We can also manufacture a sloping top chord into flat roof trusses at no additional cost which eliminates the need for tapered insulation and creates savings for our clients.

Mansard Trusses

A great deal of projects that Magest works on have decorative Mansard Truss roofs, which are manufactured in-house and supplied along with our cold formed steel wall panels and are installed by our same installation crews. These trusses are manufactured using various sizes and gauges of c-section stud material, and designed in house to match the project design and client specifications.

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Sloped Roof Trusses

Magest has developed a talent for fabricating and installing complex sloped roof systems which can vary in pitch and design and incorporate mechanical wells, cupolas and special venting details. Our installation of the complex roof trusses is as special as the design/manufacturing process, as we can build entire roof sections on the ground and hoist large sections into place at once. This can also speed up the pace of installation as roof sections can be assembled on the ground before the structure is complete and can be hoisted up giving the project a roof as quickly as possible.

Flat Roof Trusses Projects

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